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Flight Training

Already flying with us? Online scheduling is here at last! Check it out:

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OK, can I really learn how to fly so I can go places and see things and experience the thrill of controlling an airplane all by myself and take my friends and family for rides?

Of course you can!

So, what does it take? First, take some instruction from a Flight Instructor, stir in some ground study, add a bit of solo practice, fold in a dash of cross-country experience and top with a written and practical test. It's that simple.
Oh, and you must meet some very basic medical standards (no, 20/20 vision is not required).

Here are the official requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years old to get a Private Pilot License (16 years old to fly solo)

  • Be able to read, speak and understand English

  • Hold at least a current third-class medical certificate

  • Have at least 40 hours of flight time, including 20 hours of flight instruction

  • Accomplish training on the required subjects, given by a Certified Flight Instructor

  • Pass both a written knowledge test and a practical (flight) test

  • And remember - nothing is required to get started right now! You don't need the medical certificate until you fly solo!

    Give us a call to schedule an introductory flight. Learn a little about the airplane, the course of study, and then go flying. You'll take the controls and see for yourself!

    For more information about any of the requirements or limitations, please check out this page: Become a Pilot

    Of course, we offer flight instruction for Recreational, Private Pilot, Instrument, Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, and the like. Just give us a shout!

    One of our Training Aircraft

    N6654H's panel, Click for a Bigger Picture!

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