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Passenger/Crew Services

Our facility is spacious and comfortable, with amenities befitting a much larger airport. Nuestra casa es su casa. That's Spanish for 'we won't say anything if you kick off your shoes'. Just no jumping on the couch!

Passenger Lounge: located in the front of the building with a view of the airport and ramp.

Crew Lounge Area: adjacent area overlooking the ramp;
with telephone, cable television, couch and a decent book selection.

Pilot Lounge Passenger Lounge

Wi-Fi: wireless internet for your laptop so you can catch up a little.
Heck, you can probably pick it up from your airplane!

Conference Room: can seat 6-8; with telephone.

Flight Planning: everything you need, via Al Gore's amazing Internet.

Kitchen Area: available with a coffee maker, sink, refrigerator and microwave.

Conference Room Kitchen

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